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video & interview


(kw) Where are you from?
(Lil Dre) San Francisco! Bay Area

How old were you when you started skating?
I think I was 7 or 8.

Who gave you your first board?
My Dad gave me my first board.

Do you view the moment of receiving your first board as a life-changing moment?
Yes, I do. My whole life changed after that. It opened many doors and opportunities for me.

Is this what motivates you to give back to those in your community?
Yes, this motivates me. Honestly, I’m just a person that loves giving and making people happy. I feel like kids don’t get the opportunities to get stuff and they’ll appreciate it. Also, a lot of these people get a bunch of free shit and it sits there or gets thrown away or they feel the need to set up a new board when their board is barley used. I just treat it like I’m not sponsored. Honestly, there’s always someone that will appreciate something even if it’s not new.

Tell us the story about this video. Why did you go the YMCA and hook these kids up? I did this because the woman in this video, Sheante, used to be my P.E teacher and she always supported me. She works with all the kids at the YMCA and I wanted to do something cool and give back to the kids and hook them all up wit fresh completes. I’m happy with how it came out because all of the kids were stoked to receive everything, and they were actually hyped to learn how to skate. I hope they stick with it and continue to learn how to skate and not give up. Hopefully, they stick with it! Anything is possible. I came from nothing to helping others and my family, you could do the same.

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